The gospel accounts found in Matthew, Mark, and Luke all relate an event that occurred late in the earthly ministry of Jesus. He made a fairly simple request that His disciples procure transportation for Him into the city of Jerusalem. In his book, And the Angels Were Silent, Max Lucado tells, in his own special way, this story of “the guy with the donkey.” Max then insightfully conveys why this short but poignant passage of scripture still has relevance nearly 2,000 years later:

All of us have a donkey, something in our lives which, if given back to God,
could, like the donkey, move Jesus and his story further down the road.

Ken Duncan is a gifted Australian photographer that specializes in the panorama format. Each year he leads a number of photography workshops. His limited edition prints grace the walls of homes and businesses around the world. He has also authored a number of books that feature his images. But Ken, who is a Christian, describes himself this way:

I’m an average photographer with a great God.

One of the ideas within Christianity that is sometimes difficult to grasp is that God uses ordinary folks to do extraordinary things. But this is actually quite a bit more than a concept. It is the way in which God has operated throughout history. In fact, I can give you an example. I’m a pretty ordinary individual. But God extending salvation to me and making me a part of His family? That’s extraordinary!.

Black-eyed Susan, other wildflowers  -  Fryingpan Gap  -  Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina