Reflecting on Reflections

Reflections are a favorite subject of mine. Sometimes, the reflecting surface is like a mirror, replicating the original in precise detail:

Reflection in Herbert Lake  -  Banff National Park, Alberta

On other occasions, the reflection conveys a less-than-perfect representation of the subject:

 Reflection in Pinnacle Lake  -  Greenville County, South Carolina

And once in a while, the reflecting surface enables the viewer to glimpse what is beyond that which is visible in the picture:

Reflection in the Tellico River  -  Cherokee National Forest, North Carolina

One Easter morning, I was helping usher at our church. The sanctuary was filled that spring Sunday, straining the air-conditioning to its limits. To help bring some cooler air into the worship center, another usher and I opened the exterior doors and then partially opened the glass-paneled interior doors. As I stood in the vestibule, I could hear the sermon while, at the same time, view the outside world reflected off the glass panes: the beautiful blue sky… the newly-birthed leaves on the trees… people on the sidewalk. It dawned upon me that this was a picture of the life of faith: seeing the world, being aware of what was going on in it, while, at the same time, being attentive to God’s word and His direction for my life. And, as clearly as possible, reflecting God’s love for other people that I encounter.