May 2015

Photo Experience:   With enough precipitation, Slick Rock Falls can provide some worthwhile opportunities. However, my visit to this area on this occasion was to work with the nodding trillium that populate the hillside below the waterfall. The blooms, while generally large, are below the tri-leaved plants. So, photographing them presents a two-fold challenge. The first is to be able to see the viewfinder or LCD screen while composing the shot. Because of the camera angle, the second challenge is to keep the sky from being a distracting, blown-out highlight in the background. Successfully overcoming these challenges can result in some uncommon images. (Note: Having an LCD that tilts, rotates, or both can be quite useful here.)

Other Info:   Directions: From US 276, drive on FR 475 approximately .1 mile past the turn-off to the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education. Turn right on FR 475B. Drive about 1.1 miles to a parking area on the right. Take the short trail up the embankment to the falls.