May 2017

Photo Experience: I have been to Moore Cove Falls several times before and had usually come away a bit disappointed because of the small amount of water going over the approximately 50-foot vertical drop. My trip this time occurred just after a couple of days of rain in that area. That, as it turned out, was what was needed to have enough water coming over the eyebrow of rock to make a decent photograph. It also helped that the sky was still mostly overcast, which allowed me to shoot with a shutter speed of one second, further enhancing the flow. A wide-angle zoom is the lens-of-choice here.

Other Info:  The trailhead is located a little over 6.5 miles from the Pisgah NF entrance near Brevard, North Carolina. The trail itself is uphill a good bit of the way, reaching the falls viewing area about .7 mile from the trailhead.

Moore Cove Falls  -  Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina