May 2013

Photo Experience:   I visited Daniel Ridge Falls early one afternoon on an overcast day. (As with most waterfalls, I think overcast light works best here.) Rainfall was about 30% above normal just prior to my visit. While that noticeably enhanced the volume of water coming over the rocks, it also created a lot of spray, which was a little problematic. In addition to shooting up at the falls from the trail, there is also a side path up the bank that will lead to a closer view of the falls. Having a zoom lens will help here since it will provide opportunities for sectional views of the falls.

Other Info:   To get to these falls: From US 276, drive on FR 475 approximately 2.4 miles past the turnoff to the Pisgah Wildlife Education Center. Park in the large gravel parking area on the right. Walk around the metal gate and across the bridge over the Davidson River. Approximately 100 yards past the bridge is the loop portion of the Daniel Ridge Loop Trail. Take the right fork and walk uphill for about 10 minutes. (Go straight where the Loop Trail takes a sharp turn to the left.) The falls will be on the left. There are restrooms at the Pisgah Wildlife Education Center.

&spspspspspsp; Daniel Ridge Falls  -  Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina  &spspspspspspsp;Daniel Ridge Falls  -  Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina