October 2015

Photo Experience:   I visited this location on an overcast morning after several days of rain. There are several easily-accessible spots along the edge of Tanasee Creek that can provide a variety of opportunities. A wide-angle zoom works well at this location.

Other Info:   From the intersection of US 64 and NC 215, drive approximately 14.1 miles north on NC 215 to FR 4663. (There is a brown sign for this on the right side of the road.) Turn left and drive approximately 1.9 miles down the dirt road, which is suitable for most 2-wheel drive vehicles. Turn left on FR 4663-B. (A little more care needs to be taken on this road.) This road, also dirt, dead-ends after 0.5 mile. Hike straight ahead, downhill 0.2 mile to the creek. The waterfall is just upstream to the right.

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