October 2014

Photo Experience:   The Keweenaw Peninsula is a “peninsula on the peninsula” of the Michigan UP. Partly cloudy skies here were accompanied by “wind-tunnel force” winds, which made steadying the camera a bit of a challenge. The image on the right below shows the dramatic rocky shoreline being pounded by wind-driven waves. (No surfing that day, dude.) From Eagle River on the north side, my wife and I drove Michigan 26 towards Copper Harbor. Along this road, there were some places that allowed access to the Lake Superior shore where we found some beautiful, naturally-polished stones. (See the image on the left.)

Other Info:   We stayed at Country Inn & Suites in Houghton. We enjoyed lunch at a Culver’s, not too far from the motel.

&spspspsp;Shoreline rocks  -  Keweenaw County, Michigan&spspspspsp;Lake Superior Shoreline  -  Keweenaw County, Michigan