TN – GREAT SMOKY MTNS NAT’L PK – Porters Creek Trail

Location: TN  –  GREAT SMOKY MTNS NAT’L PK – Porters Creek Trail
       Directions: From Gatlinburg TN, Light #3, travel east on US 321. After 6 miles, turn right into the Greenbrier section. Drive 3.1 miles on a mostly gravel road, which is fine for 2-wheel drive vehicles. A road branches off to the left. Stay straight for about another mile to reach the trailhead.
       Misc. Info: Restrooms are available at the Greenbrier picnic area about 3 miles from US 321.
Date of Visit: Late April 2014
       Conditions: Full sun
       Time of day: Morning
       Photography: Even though full sun is not my favorite light for wildflowers, I found plenty of opportunities along the first mile or so of this trail by working in shade, using a collapsible translucent disk, and some limited use of filtered sunlight. In addition to the specimens above, I also saw showy orchis. This trail in particular, and the Greenbrier section in general, is noted for dwarf crested iris. I’ve been here many times during the second half of April. I don’t think I’ve ever failed to come away with some photographs.