Light is a form of energy and is necessary for us to exist.  In fact, studies have shown that light   is needed not just to live, but to live well.  Visible light, specifically sunlight, is something that I need to exist as a nature photographer.  In fact, the word photography comes from two Greek words that together mean “drawing with light”.



Another aspect of working outdoors with a camera is that I’ve found it to be very much of a journey.  Of course, this journey involves traveling to different places, as you might expect.  But it also involves wonder, joy, a significant amount of effort, learning from other people, a few disappointments, and, most of all, growth.


As a Christian, I’ve found that the light of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, is a requirement for life, or more correctly, eternal life. But His light also helps illuminate the path of my daily journey.

As you may perceive, there are a number of parallels between photography and the life of faith. But there are also a few differences. One significant distinction is that photography is about our visual sense while Christianity hinges on what we cannot see. A poster I saw many years ago put it this way, “Faith is going to the edge of all the light you have and then taking one more step.”

Along the way, we all need some help with what we can see and what we cannot see. Just as I’ve benefited from the wisdom and experience of others, I hope these pages may, in some small way, repay the assistance that I’ve received over the years.

It is my prayer that the contents of this website will shed some light on both your photographic and Christian journeys.

His peace and grace,

Norman Nokleby