January 2017

Photo Experience:   Other than a brief drive-through many years ago, this was my first substantive visit to this venerable state park. I was not disappointed. Arriving just after the park opened, I found early morning reflection opportunities at the Myakka River bridge, just about a mile from the entrance. At Upper Myakka Lake, there were quite a few birds around, especially at the weir. In addition, although they were too far away to photograph, I saw a number of different species of birds from the boardwalk on the southeast shore of Upper Myakka Lake. (This included an immature bald eagle feeding on a fish.) A telephoto lens is a requirement here.

Other Info:   This park is located 9 miles east of I-75, Exit 205 on State Road 72. An admission fee is charged. Restrooms, picnic areas, and campgrounds are here. There is also a place to eat at Upper Myakka Lake.

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