January 2017

Photo Experience:   This is a very special place where you can see and photograph alligators, turtles, and a number of different bird species. For the most part, the wildlife is accustomed to humans on the dikes and boardwalks, making the animals more approachable here than many other places. Even though an abundance of water disbursed the wildlife, I did find enough opportunities for this to be an enjoyable and worthwhile visit. I am concerned that the proliferation of spadderdock (water lilies) in the water along the boardwalk may reduce the suitable habitat for wading birds in the future, if not addressed by the Park Service. NOTE: Due to problems with vultures lighting on vehicles and attacking rubber components, I strongly recommend avoiding this area until the afternoon.

Other Info:   The turn-off for Anhinga Trail is about 2 miles west of the main entrance to Everglades National Park. (An entrance fee, or appropriate federal pass, is required.) There are restrooms in the building at the parking lot for Anhinga Trail. Florida City is the best alternative for nearby accommodations and restaurants.

&spspspsp;Double-crested Cormorant  -  Anhinga Trail  -  Everglades National Park, Florida&spspsp;Spadderdock  -  Anhinga Trail  -  Everglades National Park, Florida