June 2017

Photo Experience: Along the dirt road, there were numerous opportunities to stop, get out, and photograph both the wonderful views and wildflowers along the mountain slopes. Species I found included desert paintbrush, woolly mule ears, and wild blue flag iris (along the banks of McGee Creek). At the end of the road, the trail begins, which ascends gradually but steadily. There are also a number of opportunities to photograph wildflowers along the trail. But don’t forget to look up at the majestic surrounding peaks of the eastern Sierra Nevada. I only went about a mile out on the path before heading back.

Other Info:  McGee Creek Canyon – and the beginning of the road – is located across US 395 from the western end of Crowley Lake in Mono County. McGee Creek Road is a well-graded dirt road, easily navigated in a 2-wheel drive vehicle. There is a pit toilet at the trailhead. I strongly encourage taking and using a hat, water, and sunscreen. And, if you will be working close to McGee Creek, insect repellent would be a good idea. Mammoth Lakes is the closest location to find restaurants and accommodations.

&spspspspsps; Wild Blue Flag Iris  -  McGee Creek Road  -  Inyo National Forest, California&spspspspspspspsp;Desert Paintbrush  -  McGee Creek Trail  -  Inyo National Forest, California

&spsp.;View along McGee Creek Road  -  Inyo National Forest, California&spspspsp;Woolly mule ears  -  McGee Creek Road  -  Inyo National Forest, California