June 2017

Photo Experience: The northern leg of June Lake Loop Road is the one I would recommend because this section of the road offers more expansive views than the shorter, southern section. Being there early in the morning, before the wind picks up, will offer the best possibility of getting a reflection in Grant Lake, the largest of the four lakes along this road. A dirt road branches off to the north that dead-ends at the beginning of the Parker Lake Trail. I hiked uphill on this trail to just inside the Ansel Adams Wilderness. There were some wildflowers along the path – especially noteworthy were the Mariposa Lilies. Further along the Loop Road is Horsetail Falls, which can be spectacular. (In the spirit of full disclosure, I should state that in the spring and early summer of 2017, there was an unusually large volume of meltwater coming over the falls.) Silver Lake is worth a stop, especially if you get there early enough for a reflection. In addition, I found some wild blue flag irises along the shore that were in good shape.

Other Info:  The northern end of June Lake Loop Road, aka California Highway 158, is located about five miles south of the town of Lee Vining. There are campgrounds, both National Forest and Private, along this road.

&spspspspsps; Wild Blue Flag Iris  -  Silver Lake  -  Inyo National Forest, California&spspspspspspspsp;Reflection in Silver Lake  -  Inyo National Forest, California

&spsp.;Reflection in Grant Lake  -  Inyo National Forest, California&spspspsp;Mariposa Lily  -  Parker Lake Trail  -  Inyo National Forest, California